Hello World

Who am I

Hi, I’m Roberto Gongora, but I like being called Rob. I’m a software developer specialised in web applications and infrastructure. I also love videogames, cooking and writing.

Why am I starting this blog?

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time, but I never dared to do so. I love writing, and this is an excellent platform to do it.

Things I would love to write about

In no particular order:

  • Web development topics, valuable tips and tricks.
  • Software, cool stuff I find that helps me get better at what I do.
  • Teaching, techniques I’ve developed over the years that only experience can teach.
  • Life, personal goals, achievements, and overall lovely stuff I get to experience and want to share.
  • Videogame Development: Share my experience as a rookie game developer on my way to develop my first VR game.
  • Gaming Logs: I will list what I did in my last play session and my goals for the next ones. I’ve found out that gaming with purpose helps me enjoy it.
  • Travelling, my wife and I will be travelling a lot in the future, so I’d love to write about our experiences, things we learn about different cultures and food.
  • Cooking, maybe I’ll share some of my secret recipes :) I’ve been super protective of my recipes for the longest time, but I’ve found that: a) nobody cares, b) everyone cooks different, so it doesn’t matter.

My promise

This site is hosted using GitHub Pages, and this source code is available for anyone to explore and even suggest changes if I write something that’s inaccurate or there’s a typo.

I’m also never going to monetise my site, so all resources found here are and will forever be free of charge. My intention with this is to share my experiences with anyone who wants to read them.

This site is protected through Cloudflare, and since it’s serverless, there are no worries of malware ever appearing or bots taking over. My security settings for this site are rigorous, and I will keep an eye on my DNS analytics to strengthen them if necessary.

I’m not a fan of trackers and ads either, so this site will forever be free of annoying third-party scripts, pixels, ads, and anything that doesn’t add to your experience as a reader. I’m also open to suggestions (via GitHub issues) to add/remove anything that’s seen as problematic :)

Next Steps

I would love to communicate with you, so I’ve been thinking of ways to add comments or discussions to my posts, but I don’t want to use third-party services for this, so I’m open to suggestions on that front. If I don’t find anything, I’ll end up developing my own solution (and of course, it will be documented here)

UPDATE: My best friend suggested me to use GitHub Issues as a way to handle comments, and it was super easy to implement. If you’re interested in how it works, check out the article he sent me.

Shameless Plugs

My wife has also started her blog, which is set up in the same way, meaning you can expect the same level of openness and privacy. You can check her blog at https://thisismy.blog.

Feel free to add me to your LinkedIn network or Twitter (which I seldom use).